Kyoto Gion Bologna Original Danish Bread [Strawberry Three-Color] 1.5 Loaves

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This is the original Danish bread from Gion Bologna, Kyoto.

You can enjoy three different flavors in one bottle.
When sliced, the pink of the strawberry, the green of the matcha, and the white of the plain chocolate combine to create a cross-section that is both cute to look at and delicious.
Of course, in order to function properly as a loaf of bread, it maintains the same size as a regular loaf of bread.
This makes it a Danish bread that can be easily used for sandwiches or as a meal bread.

These three beautiful colored Danishes will brighten up your dinner table.
This is a product unique to Bologna, the creator of Danish bread.

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○Product details
1.5 loaves (approx. 125 x 125 x 170 mm) Half size of 3 loaves

【raw materials】
Wheat flour (domestically produced), fat spread, sugar, margarine, eggs, sugars (oligosaccharides, glucose), salt, baker's yeast, edible vegetable oil, matcha, milk powder, starch, wheat protein, strawberry juice powder/sorbitol, emulsifier, flavoring, modified starch, coloring (gardenia, red yeast rice, carotene, annatto), antioxidants (V, E), phosphate (Na), thickening polysaccharides, pH adjuster, vitamin C, (contains wheat, eggs, soybeans, and dairy ingredients)

[Nutritional Information ( (per 100g)
Calories: 398kcal
● Protein 7.0g
Fat 16.0g
Carbohydrates: 49.0g
Salt equivalent: 2.0g
*The display is for reference only.

○Best before date
7 days at room temperature including the date of manufacture
*If sliced ​​and frozen within the expiration date, it will stay delicious for about 2 weeks.

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* Precautions when slicing at home
Our products are packaged with a quality preservative.
When slicing, please remove the quality preservative before slicing. In rare cases, customers may choose to remove the quality preservative. The quality preservative we use is made of a substance that is very safe for the human body, but when cut, a "white powder" will come out. Please be careful when slicing.

Characteristics of the original Danish bread
Danish bread differs from regular bread in that oil is woven into the dough, which creates layers of air in the dough when baked, resulting in a soft texture.
For this reason, when baked, the weight of the bread itself makes it prone to bending (dents on the sides of the bread).
We make every effort to bake bread with minimal bending, however, as each loaf of bread is handmade, some products may have a slightly more pronounced bending.
Some of our products may not look as good as others, but they are soft breads with lots of air inside, and are just as delicious.We hope you will understand that this is one of the characteristics of Danish bread.