Founded in 1978 (Showa 54)
The original Danish bread shop Kyoto Gion Bologna


2023年 11月後半

京都祇園ボロニヤ 元祖デニッシュ食パン【プレーン】1.5斤
京都祇園ボロニヤ デニッシュ食パン【プレーン 1.5斤】(化粧箱入)
京都祇園ボロニヤ 元祖 デニッシュ食パン【苺三色】1.5斤

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Original Danish bread [strawberry three colors]

From ¥972, you can enjoy three types of deliciousness in one bottle: strawberry pink, matcha green, and plain white.

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Hannari Danish [Premium]

Premium Danish made with carefully selected original ingredients and fresh butter¥1,836

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Sweet bread cinnamon roll [very popular as a snack]

A generous size with a diameter of 10 cm, wrapped in cinnamon woven fabric.

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Hannari Danish [Rich Uji Matcha]

The deep flavor, flavor, and aroma of Uji tea, made with plenty of tea leaves from [Masuda Chaho] ¥1,490

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Set of 3 Danish breads (1 loaf) to choose from 6 types

Web shop limited product. Ready-to-eat set with your favorite combinations and slices ¥3,000

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