The Roots of the Original Danish Bread Shop 'Kyoto Gion BOLONIYA

The company Kyoei food Co., Ltd., which manufactures and sells "Kyoto Gion BOLONIYA," used to operate a popular shop selling BOLONIYA sausages in Kyoto. In Gion, a district of Kyoto known for its traditional culture, they ventured into the business of bread manufacturing and sales. While making various types of bread every day, they were in a constant process of trial and error, seeking to create something new. Out of this experimentation emerged a completely new category of bread - the Danish bread. In 1979, the shop that innovated the Danish bread was named "Kyoto Gion BOLONIYA." Unlike traditional pastry-sized Danish, this bread was placed in large molds, requiring a longer baking time. It took a significant amount of time to perfect. It was the result of the convergence of the desires of customers who sought delicious and ever-pleasing bread and the dedication of artisans.

At the time of its release, the Danish bread sold explosively in Kyoto and became a national sensation, making "Kyoto Gion BOLONIYA" a household name and synonymous with Danish bread.

The beginning of the modern Danish bread can be traced back to "Kyoto Gion BOLONIYA.


In search of the one word 'delicious'- the dedicated method

"Kyoto Gion BOLONIYA's" Danish bread is made with the finest original blend wheat flour and carefully selected ingredients, meticulously crafted by artisans from the preparation to the baking of each bread.

It has a crisp surface but is moist and sweet on the inside. With an unwavering commitment to a unique method and ingredients, they have pursued the concept of "not as sweet as cake but sweeter than regular bread" for over forty years. Even today, they continue to research and bake, making it the ultimate Danish bread.


The process of making each handmade Danish bread

The Danish dough is prepared using selected ingredients, followed by division, bench time, folding, more bench time, shaping, fermentation, and baking. The daily production numbers are significant, and each stage is completed by hand, which requires time. Even though each bread is handmade, the artisans ensure that they maintain the same shape, taste, and color.

"Kyoto Gion BOLONIYA's" Danish bread is considered the ultimate bread because it blends the dedication of traditional artisans with a completely new sense of handmade bread.


A wide variety of flavors

The original dedication: Classic Danish
- We offer a variety of flavors, including the most popular 'Plain,' as well as 'Strawberry Tricolor,' 'Raisin,' and more.Sizes are available in the largest 3-pound size and a half-cut 1.5-pound size.

- Luxurious flavors: "Hannari" Danish
The slightly more luxurious "Hannari" Danish offers a rich variety of flavors, including seasonal limited editions. Sizes come in 1-pound and 2-slice (limited to the Gion main store).

How to enjoy the bread more
"Kyoto Gion BOLONIYA's" Danish bread can be enjoyed as is, but toasting it lightly enhances its crispy texture and sweetness, providing a different kind of deliciousness.
You can also spread butter or jam on it, or get creative with dishes like pizza toast.

Ideal for souvenirs and gifts
"Kyoto Gion BOLONIYA's" Danish bread is highly appreciated as a gift. It's recommended for various occasions, including Kyoto sightseeing souvenirs, omiyage (souvenirs), prizes, hikigashi (thank-you-for-coming gift/sweets typically for a wedding), and celebrations.
We also offer online sales.

Where to purchase
You can find "Kyoto Gion BOLONIYA" at "Kyoto Gion Main Store" and "Sendai Store," as well as through online sales, available nationwide. They also sell their products at highway service areas and department store events across the country. Please look for the logo below when making your purchase.