Kyoto Gion Bolona Coffee Shop


Enjoy our "Homemade Roasted Coffee" and "Kyoto Gion
Boronia's Danish Bread"!

The original "Kyoto Gion Boronia," known for its Danish bread since 1979, has opened a cafe with a concept centered around homemade roasted coffee and Danish bread.

Experience our original blend coffee, made from "medium-dark" self-roasted beans, using the French press extraction method.

You can also discover the deliciousness of new Danish bread through our exclusive menu.

Our must-try "French Toast," baked to perfection on copper plates, is exquisite! Whether you're a local or a tourist, we welcome a diverse range of visitors.

Relax in the Kyoto-style traditional house atmosphere with the aroma of coffee.

【The Shop's Dedication】

Savor leisurely atmosphere filled with the delightful fragrance of freshly roasted coffee

"Kyoto Gion Boronia," the original Danish bread shop, has a history of over 70 years in Kyoto.

They sought guidance from "Mikiya Coffee," an established coffee shop, to open a cafe specializing in homemade roasted coffee.

We've installed a roasting machine in the shop, allowing you to enjoy authentic self-roasted coffee.

Please relish the dedicated flavors created meticulously from carefully selected beans, as approved by an esteemed coffee shop.

Enjoy a Variety of French press-brewed coffee and Uji tea!



Our coffee is served using the "French press method," allowing you to experience the full flavor of the beans directly.

The "French press method" extracts a significant amount of the oil components that form the basis of coffee's aroma, flavor, and deliciousness. We provide French press, cups, and hourglasses to deliver a fresh, rich aroma and flavor, allowing you to enjoy a delicious cup. We offer an original blend that pairs perfectly with Danish bread, as well as Higashiyama Blend, Americano, Espresso, and more.

Furthermore, we have a comprehensive tea menu featuring tea leaves from "Masuda Tea Shop," a well-established tea shop in Uji, Kyoto.

Food menu featuring the original Danish bread from "Kyoto Gion Boronia"

Baked to perfection on copper plates, our signature "French Toast" with special cream is irresistible.

Enjoy "An Butter," generously topped with butter and sweet red bean paste, or our flavor-packed "Roast Pork" made with brand pork.

Open-faced toasts using Danish bread are perfect for lunch or tea time. Indulge in desserts that pair
perfectly with coffee and tea, such as the "Creamy Tiramisu" served in a cup (limited quantity).

Our traditional house-style space creates a soothing atmosphere for your enjoyment.

Both the first and second floors are available, making it ideal for lunch with friends or a relaxing afternoon.

With Wi-Fi and power outlets at every table, it's suitable for various scenarios, whether you need a change of environment for concentration or want to unwind during holidays, sightseeing breaks, or work breaks. With convenient access from the station, we welcome you to visit at your convenience.

A spacious traditional house-style atmosphere with Wi-Fi and power outlets at each table!