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Boloniya’s Danish Bread is a first-rate bread loaf which uses high quality original-blend flour and specially selected ingredients and every stage of the process is hand-made by an artisan who takes care at each and every detail.

The crust has a crunchy texture but the crumb has a gentle sweet taste. The unique manufacturing method and the continued selectivity of the ingredients, the realization of“Not as sweet as a cake but sweeter than bread” as a base concept, even now little by little making small improvements and continuing to research everyday, surely this is the ultimate loaf of bread.

Danish Bread

The big 3 pound loaf (size: height 125mm x width 125mm x length 340mm)
The half-sized 1.5 pound loaf (size: height 125mm x width 125mm x length 170mm)
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Plain 1.5 pound loaf: 700 yen (tax not included)
3 pound loaf: 1360 yen (tax not included)

Number 1 best seller, from the popular Danish comes the recently invented original Danish bread. Anyone can enjoy this delicious taste so it’s perfect for eating with the family.


Chocolate 1.5 pound loaf: 760 yen (tax not included)
3 pound loaf: 1500 yen (tax not included)

Blended with Chocolate spread but finished with a light flavour. A taste that you won’t grow tired of and is the second most popular bread after plain.


Cinnamon 1.5 pound loaf: 760 yen (tax not included)
3 pound loaf: 1500 yen (tax not included)

Fragrant and particularly popular with ladies who love cinnamon. It can also be enjoyed toasted with honey.

Matcha Green Tea

Matcha Green Tea 1.5 pound loaf: 820 yen (tax not included)
3 pound loaf: 1620 yen (tax not included)

Matcha flavour that’s just right; not to strong, not too weak. Toast for one to two minutes for a gorgeous lingering matcha aroma, fluffy soft texture and light flavour.

Elegant Danish

A slightly smaller bread loaf which can be eaten as a snack. (Size: height 90mm x width 100mm x length 190mm)
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Cheese 1 pound loaf: 900 yen (not including tax)

The most popular of the Elegant Danish series, a Danish blended with cheese with a rich taste that’s perfectly matched. It has that supremely delicious taste of melted cheese when toasted.

Black Sesame

Black Sesame 1 pound loaf: 1000 yen (not including tax)

With plenty of aromatic black sesame paste kneaded in, it has a refined sweetness and fragrance. Tastes great! Looks great! It makes a great impact too so it’s recommended for house parties.

Salt-crusted red pea

Salt-crusted red pea 1 pound loaf: 1000 yen (not including tax)

Using a traditional sweet and salty Kyoto-style confectionary with red peas a as an image. The faintly salty red pea is finished with a milky taste in Boloniya style. It’s a sweet, salty but gentle taste.

Pure Chocolate

Desert Danish * Pure Chocolate: 1600 yen (not including tax)

Carefully selected ingredients mixed with the dough of the popular Danish for a very rich taste. Simply slice it and savour the rich chocolate taste or toast it and enjoy the warm, melty chocolate.

Danish bread * Size comparison

Best consumption period * The best period for consumption for any Danish bread is 10 days at room temperature (7 days in summer)
※If you slice and place the Danish bread in cold storage during the best consumption period it will keep for around two weeks.

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