Q1:What is Danish bread?

A:We use specially selected ingredients. Additionally, the wheat flour which is the main raw material is an original blend. The compound butter for bread making which is folded into the bread is also an original recipe. The unique flavour or our store’s bread comes from this blend of ingredients.

Q2:How should I keep the Danish Bread?

A:If the seal is left unbroken the bread will keep until the end of the best consumption period, however after the seal has been broken please consume the loaf as soon as possible. Additionally, after opening the package, slice and keep in cold storage in freezer bags.

When you are ready to eat the bread, without defrosting lightly toast for one to two minutes. You’ll get the same Danish bread with the crust that is crunchy and the soft crumb.

<Attention> Don’t overcook the toast.

Q3:What’s the difference between a usual loaf of bread and Danish bread?

A:That is, to say the least, the layers. This is a loaf that was invented from the desire to eat bread with layers like a Danish or Croissant. The fact that it’s delicious without butter, margarine or jam shows how our dough is truly different.

In the case of making Danish, Croissants, pies and others after leaving in cold storage you roll and fold the dough many times over, rest and roll it again and again. There are many people who are making their own bread these days so you are most probably already aware.

This is a product where each step in the process is carefully hand-crafted.
That is what Danish bread is.

Q4:What’s your most popular product?

A:Without a doubt it’s the Plain 1.5 pound loaf. The slightly smaller Elegant Danish is also popular. Chocolate and maple flavours are good sellers all year round.

Additionally, of our seasonal products the Japanese chestnut Danish is incredibly popular.

Q5:What time of year do most people buy your products?

A:While there are many orders for bread for personal use it is also popular as a gift. As a gift that will give delight to the recipient, it can be eaten by people young and old so there are many people who send it as a Bon Festival gift or end of year gift.

Q6:Do you have gift boxes?

A:yes, we do. You can choose the product and gift box you like or they are also sold as a set.

Q7:Do you have any fixed days off?

Q8:Do you have a car park? Is it possible for a tourist bus to call in?

A:Unfortunately, we don’t have a car park.
Please use the coin-operated parking lots close-by if you are coming by car.

Q9:Can I make a reservation in advance?

A:We take reservations up to four days before and if we accept your order we will be able to fulfil your request. If your reservation is by email we will email you to let you know if your order has been accepted.